Islington Giving

Islington Giving is a campaign to tackle poverty and isolation in the borough of Islington by taking action to improve people’s lives. With an ambition to get everyone in Islington involved in the local community, Islington Giving encourages people to give what they can, be it money, time or talents, to make a real difference – no matter how large or small the contribution, everyone has something to offer and gain by being involved. Islington Giving is a principal founder of the BIG Alliance since June 2012 and its Director sits on the Steering Group.

The BIG Alliance works closely with Islington Giving to identify areas of priority need across the borough and which community / voluntary / not-for-profit organisations to work with.

Islington Giving was launched in September 2010 in response to Invisible Islington: Living in Poverty in Inner London, a report commissioned in 2008, and its update Distant Neighbours published in 2013, by Cripplegate Foundation. These reports highlight the issues blighting Islington’s poorest residents, identify the root causes and show what urgent action is needed to tackle this situation.

Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group is a leading global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. 

Its philanthropic arm, the Macquarie Group Foundation, was established in 1985 and provides support to communities around the world in countries and areas in which Macquarie operates. Together with Macquarie staff, the Foundation has contributed more than £131 million to over 2,500 community organisations. The Foundation aims to build and strengthen staff community involvement in the cities around the world where Macquarie has offices. Macquarie moved its European Headquarters to the London Borough of Islington in 2010.

The Macquarie Group Foundation donated £100,000 to Islington Giving towards the first two years of the BIG Alliance’s operations, it is now into the fourth year of a six year strategic funding partnership which began in 2014, committing over half a million pounds of funding, into developing the work of the BIG Alliance and making a long term investment into Macquarie’s local borough.

Alongside Islington Giving, it is a principal funder of the BIG Alliance, a member of the steering group and chairs the BIG Alliance Forum.