Dalziel and Pow shares its creative flair with Let’s Dance

Dalziel and Pow shares its creative flair with Let’s Dance

Published on: 
Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Let’s Dance, a community organisation that teaches the over 55’s in Islington to dance, needed someone with professional design skills to help develop a range of stand-out marketing materials.

The role was included in the Hot Opps document sent out to BIG Alliance members, advertising the latest volunteer opportunities, and Jo Randall, a senior graphic designer at Dalziel and Pow, (an integrated graphic and interior design agency) expressed an interest.

As with all potential matches, an introductory meeting was arranged between Jo and Let’s Dance to determine whether she had the skills, experience and time required to complete the work .

Sheila explains: Design has never been a strong point of mine, which has meant that posters advertising our classes have never really stood out on crowded noticeboards. I had been looking for someone to help me for a while, but it was proving difficult as I had no money to pay a designer.

After talking to The BIG Alliance, I was hopeful that they might be able to find us someone, but wasn’t sure whether there would be much interest – or whether a volunteer would really be able to produce what we needed – especially as I had no idea where to start!

The introductory meeting was the ideal way to get things started as it really helped to meet Jo before embarking on the work and talk to her about her interest in dance – it seemed like a great fit, which was really important as I wanted to work with someone who understood what we do and why dance can be so beneficial to people of all ages.

Jo came back to us with four incredible design options. Her ideas were so fresh and colourful and really helped to bring the work we did to life. Having shared the options with the Let’s Dance board, we were quickly able to decide on a clear winner.

It has been great having Jo help us. The creativity she brought was fantastic and we are thrilled with the resulting fliers. I am confident we will see class numbers rise as a result – I know I would be interested if I saw one of them!