Eight ways businesses can improve mental health and wellbeing for their staff and local community

Eight ways businesses can improve mental health and wellbeing for their staff and local community

Published on: 
Monday, 13 May 2019

By Rebecca Lynch, Director

To mark National Mental Health Awareness Week we are spreading the word on how business can support its employees and residents in the local community through volunteering initiatives. Here are eight ways we could help you support better mental health and wellbeing:

1. Volunteering can improve mental health and wellbeing!

Research shows that volunteering improves feeling of self-worth and counteracts loneliness. This is particularly so for younger employees who have perhaps just joined the workforce. See more on the benefits of volunteering here.

Expedia at Body and Soul

2. Get out and meet local residents

From fashion shows to afternoon tea – come volunteer at one of Islington’s community centres which act in the fight against isolation and build community cohesion. Hear directly from one of our volunteers here.

3. Support a charity which supports improved mental health and wellbeing with your professional skills

We support over 50 charities in Islington through placing employees with the right skills into the charity to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work. Read about one of our projects here

Hello neighbour

4. Host a company visit for the elderly

Older generations can feel isolated from the working world, especially when speaking with younger friends and family. Why not host a visit for an elderly group who can also share their own work wisdom?

5. Host a Time to Talk session with young people

Join one of our primary school classes to talk about mental health and well-being. These sessions provide a safe space for children to talk about their feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms for good mental health in later life. See more here.

MUFG volunteers help at an adventure playground

6. Help maintain our green space and play areas

Did you know that Islington has the least amount of green space of all London boroughs? Access to outdoor space is essential to combat feelings of loneliness and can help those with mental illness. See more here.

7. Join our Mentoring Works programme

Mentor a young person to help them feel supported and achieve their education and career goals. Our mentors report feeling a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction from working with their mentee. Hear about it directly from one of our mentors and mentees in this video.

Winta and Clare from our mentoring programme

8. Donate toys to our Christmas appeal!

I know, it’s only May … Our toy appeal provides presents for children whose families may not otherwise be able to afford to buy them anything at Christmas. Knowing that someone cares and alleviating the pressure on parents to give brand new toys has a huge impact on the families that benefit from this programme. Watch our sister charity video on our annual toy appeal here.

The BIG Alliance is a charity that brings together business and the local community in Islington to facilitate meaningful volunteering that creates impact. If you are interested in getting involved or hearing more, please email info@thebigalliance.org.uk