Expedia Interns Website Consultation 2019: 7 charities gain expert insight from this year's summer cohort

Expedia Interns Website Consultation 2019: 7 charities gain expert insight from this year's summer cohort

Published on: 
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Our annual Expedia Summer Interns Website Consulation continues to go from strength to strength with the latest cohort having supported 7 of our fantastic community partners with a consultation and technical changes to their websites.

25 interns were involved in this year's consultation with a range of backgrounds and expertise in the room, including Computer Science, Digital Media, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Finance. Recommendations and changes were made regarding the wording and “message”, visual presentation, ‘user journey’ and navigation, and search engine optimisation of the websites.

Expedia continue to recognise this opportunity as a way to compliment the fantastic training provided by their internal programme, with the interns reflecting this in the feedback they provided after the session. We've put together a few of the best below:

“I enjoyed working with charities on things outside of my usual day-to-day job”

"I learned a lot about website trends and capabilities, especially from my technical colleagues, while doing good"

“I liked that I learned more about website design and worked with a cool non-profit”

“We worked with an extremely friendly person. I enjoyed learning about the great things he does and hopefully contributing a little bit to it”

"I got some insight into the difficulties charities face and how I could help in the future”

“It has encouraged me to do more things like this”

“It was great fun”

Feedback was again very positive from the community partners as well, with one reflecting the effectiveness of getting this help in such a focused way: "It was great and just the sort of help we really needed. It's hard to find the time for this so having the afternoon with great expertise really helped. Users will have a much easier time navigating the site, finding our events, and are now more likely to register".

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We want to help more business volunteers improve the accessibility of websites for disabled people and improve the use of the myriad of digital tools available. If you are a business who could provide this support or a charity or social enterprise who needs this  contact tom.browne@thebigalliance.org.uk